Politics and Spirituality

How to vote in alignment with your spirituality:

Thanks to the voting season, most of my students / clients ask me questions like –
Shall I vote for the candidate or the party he/she represents?

More than one candidate is known for good work. Who’s the better choice?

I don’t know any good candidate/ don’t agree to the party manifesto. How do I decide?

This is how you should vote ..

Firstly, restrict watching NEWS! The Reporters are people who get paid, they can instigate / put a seed/ create a reactive feeling within you. Restricting them also means honoring your brain, safeguarding your energy.

If people (family/ friends) around you are talking about politics, listen to them in awareness. Without reacting or mincing words. Maybe the energy wanted you to hear this to make aware choices. Also be aware of the feelings they create within themselves and within you while expressing.

1. Pre Voting – Empower yourself:

bring a balance within yourself,
cut cords of the past,
forgive if need be.
Cleanse yourself.

2. During Voting- in alignment:

Look at all the candidates that are available.

Acknowledge that everyone has God within them . Bow down to that God. It’s this presence that have made them reach this level.

Remember the candidates are people / human, and as human beings we have the luxury of making mistakes. Acknowledge the humanness within them too.

Watch your feelings / reactions towards each one. Accept the feeling – don’t question. Just accept in complete honesty. All reactions boil down to just 2 feelings:

– Love based
– Fear based

Please vote for the person who you find is more love based or connected with your own alignment.

Please note : There are 3 aspects of energy dynamics here
1) God within the candidate
2) Human-ness in the candidate
3) Your human-nesss that creates the feeling within you

3. Post Voting – Art of forgiveness:

Forgive the people who bring out the fear based reactions within you. They are the ones who also show what aspects of you need to be worked upon.

Forgive yourself for the mistakes you would have done unknowingly.

Have courage to walk the path you created for yourself. Blame games would not work.

This is the only way you can honour the energy that’s beyond the Good and Bad perceptions.

It’s time to take an empowered decision.

Love and Light

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