Addressing Negative Emotions

Why do we feel negative emotions in our life?

Purpose of negative emotions

How do you honour negative emotions?

As a healer, these are the most common questions asked.. Let me address a few basic negative feelings below.

Frustration means you have blocked energy in your heart. Your mind knows you are more than what’s perceived by the world. Keep a target and work towards it.

When you are anxious – release it with physical work- by stretching your body and deep breathing.

Grief means end of a journey, also means beginning of a new one. Time to visit your old habits, trash useless ones and reinvent/recreate new purposeful habits for the new you

When you feel lonely , it means you feel the need to connect – heart to heart talk in a safe place – is perfect.

When you feel alone – enjoy the freedom to do things without boundaries, get to know yourself by honouring your ‘gifts’ – self love practices.

Sadness – address it, feel it, honour it and release it

Feeling Inadequate means you have forgotten your power, your strength , write down a list of strengths. Keep writing till you feel the balance in your heart and you spontaneously write positives in rythmn that’s your balance.

When you feel overwhelmed , do simple activities -breathe deep, go for a walk – use our 5 senses to experience the physicality of the moment.

when you shift your perception, you automatically shift your vibration

Love and Light

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