Finding Our Inner Balance

In today’s fast paced digital age, many of us are so well connected to machines and devices but the question remains: how well connected are we with others or our inner selves?

There comes a time when we are unable to cope with the daily stress of living and we find ourselves stuck in a rut – we just fall by the wayside, we give up, we can’t take it anymore…It’s our soul that is starving and crying out for help!

Wouldn’t it be great if someone helped us connect with our souls, help us understand our true purpose in life and guide us and also support us on our onward journey ahead?

Beyond Illusion was born out of this need to heal and transform our lives through very scientific and proven techniques that not only nourish the soul but also help individuals progress in their lives.

Transformational Services and Workshops

Customized offerings to nourish your inner self and put you back on track!

 A soul enriching journey with like minded people!


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What Our Clients Say About Us

God bless you dear. May you always open the locked thoughts of humanity. Keep growing.

GS, Delhi, India, Online Tarot reading

Disha is an amazing soul who can guide you and heal you. she being the chosen one is such a humble person. I would recommend her to all.

RKS, Mumbai, India, Energy Scan, Reiki

It is a Pole Star of one's life. So it is necessary to find out the Path of our life through its search light.

RN, Sweden , Europe ,Energy Scan, Reiki, Customized healing

Disha is my guru and I always feel she is integral part of my life. First person whom I generally think of during crisis is her. Inspite of knowing disha for quite sometime now, I haven’t met her in person, but have great connection with her.

SM, Dubai - 5 dimensional Scan, Company Healing

The Kind of work Disha does is amazing !! Reiki is a healing process which took me to another level only coz of her…Thanks soooo much.

JD - US - Energy scan, Reiki Student

Reiki has been very helpful to me and my kid. Disha being a healer is very friendly, cooperative and doing a great work. I am always thankful to her.

SSR, Pune, India, Autism

I was having some issues with my business, Disha opened my eyes and showed me exactly where i was going wrong. She has the soothing and comforting effect and the results of her advice are showing in my life

KA , Company Healing - Customized , 5 dimensional scan, – US, Europe, Dubai, India

My experience has been extremely good.. Disha responded to my call very soon n help me feel better..She came across to be very confident n reassuring.. I am very glad I reached out to her for help and she made me feel better..

BD, Psychic Attack Protection – Malaysia

I am very happy with the tarot reading . I am from Philippines and have not met her. All the things said are true and very exact . I will recommended to my friend to try also

ZLM -Accurate Distant Tarot Reading – Philippines

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