Ms. VM – Meditation

Meditation…what is it ? I never knew…Got in touch with Disha few months ago, she understood me and my energies very very well…i meditate everyday and it has done wonders for me !!!! Got so much of clarity which had never imagined…Shes available 24 by 7 and helps in her best way. Be it Reiki or Meditation she is the Master …Thank You sooooooo much.

Ms. DTV, India

Disha,came into my world a few years ago while I was wandering about in the virtual world with my questions. She instantly knew my energy and was open to have a conversation. That went on and on up until today. she is my go to guru for spiritual and meditative and Reiki world and in general. She is my Reiki master and attending her session brought me closer to the Masters and in understanding the power and love of Reiki. She is someone who has an open mind and is always ready to help you understand yourself better. She does not push you, but leads you in then path that you want to take. I highly recommend her, for she will wait with you as long as it takes.

Ms. VM, India

You are the best mirror I have, hugs ❤❤❤❤❤. Soul journeys are so wonderful when acknowledged. The levels crossed and validated makes life so eventful and joyful.

Mr. GS, India

God bless you dear. May you always open the locked thoughts of humanity. Keep growing.

Ms. RKS, India

Disha is an amazing soul who can guide you and heal you. she being the chosen one is such a humble person. I would recommend her to all.

Ms. RN, India – seeking business direction

It is a Pole Star of one's life. So it is necessary to find out the Path of our life through its search light.

Ms. VPH, India

Dr. Disha, What can I say about her and her work. I fall short of words. She has more than 2 Decades of experience in this field. She has always been available to hear us out and help us when we are stuck in life and seek directions. Her healing have helped us. A passionate and dedicated healer who helps people and considers it as her duty. She is the best in this Field. I strongly recommend her and Beyond Illusion.

Ms. NTB, India – Physical and Emotional well-being

Disha has been my spiritual guide & healer for over a year now, she has helped me through some tough times with regards to my physical & emotional health… She is a beautiful soul and always there to support whenever needed, I feel blessed to have found her and thanks to Reiki I feel healthier, confident and am able to live a better life.. Highly recommend Disha’s services.

Ms. TM, India

At the time I chanced upon Reiki, I was at a very low point in many areas of my life. I was a non-believer of the healing modality. But, I really wanted to turn things around.

Disha, who happens be my college-mate, was very patient and understanding. She is an extremely intuitive healer and very thorough in her method. She doesn’t take short cuts and ensures we go through the process in a methodical way. She is approachable and humble. Now I am a Reiki addict and cannot go a day without it and have seen phenomenal changes in my life. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to heal and evolve.

Ms. ND, India – family well-being

We got introduced to Disha through a friend who has known her awhile. Disha has been a guiding light through tumultuous and unknown paths for my family. From helping my daughter’s immunity, guiding my husband with energy reads… she lends a loving, peaceful glow to our lives. She checks in regularly and helps me understand what may be at play with some of the unknowns we are facing. I am grateful and blessed to know Disha and her healing energy and light on my family.

Ms. PH, India – Reiki learner

It’s been about four years since Reiki chose me and life has never been the same again. Whether it’s my personal growth, spiritual journey or even new paths that I have been forging in other fields, Reiki has been the bedrock. Disha has been my original spiritual guru, in a sense, since I received distance attunement from her for both Reiki levels. She is also the person I've been able to
turn to when I need clarity on something. Life as a Reiki practitioner has been a joyous, yet challenging journey, filled with a lot of learning. And asking Disha to be my Reiki master has been one of the best decisions I took.

Ms. DM, India – Acute depression

There was a time in mid 2017 when I had lost all hopes that things could change in any better ways for me. I am 37 years old today and half of my life have been in depression being on anti-depression tablets. Healing ( Reiki ) came into my life in 2017 as a Blessing through one of my relative who saw my condition getting worst & asked me to speak to Disha. I had tried everything from going to doctors, to tantriks, to other Healers, so thought of speaking to her too.

Disha heard me very patiently & understood what I was going through. My healing started immediately, I still remember I had this digestive issue when we spoke ( use to pass stools 7-8 times in a day) and after the healing started, in few days my stomach became alright.
Whatever questions I had, I use to call or WhatsApp her & she would respond immediately.

Even the stupid of the questions she would answer. I started getting back to routine, going to work, energy levels increased, she had asked me to do few things which I religiously followed & saw positive results. My two engagements were called off & had no hopes for marriage, but yes the desire in me was there (It was a past life issue which she resolved). Disha helped me to get the right partner, I am married to a lovely person today, have everything a women would want & yes told him about my heath issue (anti-depressants), he accepted me the way I am.

After marriage,I learnt Reiki level 1 & 2 too, slowly slowly my medicine dosage came down where it was almost on the verge of stopping, but some trigger happened & I got out of control, Disha was supporting me all the time, sending me articles, quotes etc. I use to get panic attacks & everyone in my house got very very worried, but Disha was like a pillar to me. The panic attacks got so severe that my medicine dosage got increased drastically. She exactly knew what was happening & me aware about it too.

Suddenly, I stopped the healing for 5 months & a time came where I realised I cannot handle myself, spoke to my husband saying that I want to get back to Disha’s Healing. I got back to her Healing, practice Reiki level 1 & 2 everyday, its 3.5 months now since Healing has started, my medication has come down too, which was not expected by me in such quick span of time.

This time its different, we don’t talk much as first time I needed counselling & Healing, now there is just pure Healing, no brainwashing, yes but when required if I have any queries, she gives a proper answer. I know in my heart this time I will completely be out of medication with her help & will continue to do Reiki in future for my health & well- being.

One more thing- I Have never seen a Healer like Disha who is so confident in what she says & does & has solution for every problem. God Bless You Disha

Ms. K, India – ADHD Child case

Namaste Disha ma’am.

It a great pleasure to write to you with many thanks..

After you started healing Amogh, I noticed that he is a very different child altogether.

We saw lots of changes. Though, Initially, for about 2 weeks we didn’t see much change.

But after that, it’s totally different.

His stress level came down DRASTICALLY.

Before, he would be very tensed and stressed about the exams.

We could see his eyes blinking rapidly, fingers twisting etc ..these are the stress busters Amogh uses. After the healing started , during the exams too , he remained so calm and cool.

His retention increased to a great extent. Basically he is a rote learner. And as u can imagine, to by heart big answers is not so easy.. though it’s not 100% , but it’s far better than what it used to be..

He does his planning by himself..he is very clear with his strengths and weaknesses.

This was something we had not seen before..

And many thanks for the special healing you did on his Second language exam day.

After I wrote to you and you replied , there was some inexplicable peace and positivity in me.

And my husband immediately said ” Disha ma’am will take care of it, don’t worry”

And about me, not sure but I believe you are taking care of me too.. I feel a kind of ball encompassing me with so much of positive energy. I feel a strange kind of shield ( physically) around me.

Like Amogh , I would be super stressed with his exams. This time, even though it’s Board, I didn’t feel an ounce of stress..it’s like ANY OTHER DAY for me..

Thanks a ton ma’am for the timely support. Can’t imagine how it would have been without out you and Reiki..

God bless you with all the health and happiness ..

With love and best wishes,

Ms. VM, India

The Kind of work Disha does is amazing !! Reiki is a healing process which took me to another level only coz of her…Thanks soooo much.

Ms. SSR, India

Reiki has been very helpful to me and my kid. Disha being a healer is very friendly, cooperative and doing a great work. I am always thankful to her.

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