Now a days, thanks to civilization ( the concrete jungle) we hardly have any space to connect to Mother Earth inturn we automatically get imbalanced and fall ill .

Crystals are energy sensitive geometrical vibrational stones used to balance the chakras.

Few uses of crystals are :

  • Ward​ of negativity
  • boosts energy to make it stronger
  • Used to enhance grounding

A few ways to recharge crystals are :
Pl Note : Every crystal is unique so every crystal has to be recharged based on your requirement ​

  • Expose crystals to moonlight or sunlight (depending on the crystal)
  • Bury it in soil
  • Soak the crystal in salt water and later wash it in running water
  • Direct other crystals to the crystal you want to cleanse
  • Smudging with essential oils
  • If you live by the sea you can wash th crystals in the waves.

Love and Light

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