( Made within 10 minutes and can be stored upto 2 years )

Seasonal cold, cough and flu visited our family and these cough drops were the savior of the day (I did not compromise on the quality of the ingredients used as most of them are found in the kitchen. )

Since the cough (this season) was at its peak, I also made a refreshing herbal tea out of the versatile cough drops. Make regular milk/black/green tea and instead of sugar add 1 cough drop and voila! : your immune booster herbal tea is ready.

Its so versatile that you can carry these drops in your purse especially during vacations when your kids are more prone to cold and cough.
PLEASE NOTE : No preservatives or additives have been added. I keep these in the fridge and can be kept for 2 yrs if not more.

Organic Sugar – 1 cup
Drinking water – 3/4 cup
Butter paper – 3
Cloves – 8-10 pieces
Tulsi/Holy Basil leaves -25 leaves

One Teaspoon each of –
– Dry Ginger powder
– Mulethi / Jeshtmadhu powder
– Turmeric Powder
– Black Pepper corn ( freshly crushed)
– Organic Honey

STEP 1 – Powder all the ingredients and keep it ready.
STEP 2 – Boil the water with tulsi/holy basil till its half cup. Strain the water, add sugar/powders (except honey) and reduce it further till its thick ( the syrup turns dark and changes color). Switch off the gas and add honey.
STEP 3 – Use a spoon and quickly scoop ( be careful as the pan is very hot ) and pour it like drops on the butter paper. Let it cool (preferably overnight) The cough drops are ready. (Use within a month or store it in the fridge) Kids below 5 years can consume upto 3 cough drops and adults and easy consume upto 5-7 cough drops in a day.

Say NO to over-the-counter cough syrups or throat soothers. Do share your experiences with us.
Love and Light

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