Rudraksh – First 3 Months..

My tryst with the mystic Rudraksh has began!

From time immemorial, Rudraksh has been used to count cycles of ‘Japa’. Various parts of the Rudraksh tree have produced many life saving medicines in Ayurveda. As per Upanishads, the holy touch of Rudraksh sanctifies body, mind and soul! It also channels inner energy in alignment with cosmic energy for the better good.

Sharing my enriching experience with the Ekamukhi Rudraksh, which is an experiment with my own body, mind and soul…

Wore rudraksha for 3 months ( 3 period cycles ) and this is a weekly analysis for the same :

1st week : no changes as such.
Headache on wed which continued thru the night.

2nd week – periods ( as on time ) normal – removed the rudraksh and kept it in a safe place.

3rd week – kumbh shahi snan wearing rudraksh. Heaviness on my forehead post 48 hours..don’t know if it’s rudraksh or kumbh mela.

4th week – Heaviness on my head ( forehead ) through the week.
Shoulder seem stiff – like pressure pushing me down
Intuition higher than usual and consistent ,easier to analyse a clients energy. With longer period of grounding I managed to bslance myself

5th week – wakeup at nights ( atleast 3-4 times ) , felt other energies ( felt like dense energies ) but I ignored as I have made a strong intention setting about denser energies.
This intention setting was practiced for abour 10 yrs, It was further focussed upon when I had regular Out of Body experiences.

6th week – Painful heavy bleeding for 6 days. (Heavier than usual ) with clots – during these days i dont wear rudraksh

7th week – Beginning of the week – nausea, irritation,
Towards weekend – sadness / heaviness, did more pranayam to balance ( anulom vilom )

8th week – Strong need to express myself verbally,Need to remove layers from self and others. Impatience. Zero tolerance towards double standards. Is it ego based? Intuition is pretty high, people dont need to verbalise it – I have already felt it and clients are affirming the same.

9th week – Certain kind of calmness and Trust on the Universe. It feels like I am getting prepared for a step up. Did visioning work and got clarity with much more ease.

10th week -There is a continuous feeling of heaviness on my forehead followed by my periods which are normal .

11th week – The pendulum I use for healing purpose snapped while I was doing a tarot session so as an emergency I used rudraksh as the pendulum. It has works perfectly. Gave me a detailed analysis and combined with my intuition, the results of back to back tarot sessions were extremely satisfying.

12th week – Started using rudraksh for self protection and self balancing of chakras. Also clearing the blocked energy of my house is done regularly with this rudraksh. Intuition has drastically increased. Subtle energies are highlighted in the energy scans.

As a reiki channel- There is pins and needles/ itchiness / sensitivity in my palms, Energy flow is surely stronger, intuitiveness has improved . My visions are clearer and in depth.

I feel if I let the rudraksh be on me for longer it will work like a navigation system for my body. I am still taking babysteps in the world of rudraksh.

Love and Light

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