Tarot cards are predictions of a person’s life using the cards Eg : In the English language, after ABC comes D like that the tarot help us with the systematic events of the past and the present so that the future can be revealed.

If this is that easy then why cannot everybody become a Tarot reader?
Anyone can learn to read a tarot but most of the people have to go past their egoistic issues and look at the cards neutrally. Our sentiments/ego/attachments cloud the mind .When the cards ‘talk’, it’s at an energy level via intuition, This can be deciphered only when you are a clean channel.

The picture depiction of a tarot card maybe the same whereas it representation of the card differ from person to person as every person’s energy, learning and the way they address the learning via conditioning differs, This is when an experienced tarot professional would help you.Sometimes One card has multiple levels of insights- This can be handled by a professional who is following the intuitive trend.

Raising your intuitive level by practicing meditation/cleansing and channelizing energies helps one become a clear channel.

Love and light.

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