PART2: Reiki Healing in Pregnancy

Body changes
As Reiki is holistic, it treats each person as a whole, including mind, body…and baby. Some mothers have experienced their babies respond as soon as they feel the energy flowing in. Being pregnant can create a sense of being out of control of your own body. Many pregnant women are juggling demands associated with careers, expectations from their families, changes in their relationships with their partners, and of
course, in their bodies.

These factors can exacerbate fatigue and mood swings.
Reiki can enable a sense of regaining some of that control: a balance and grounding so that, even though you are experiencing a life-changing event, you can be in control, no matter what surprises await you.

Labour – childbirth
Reiki treatment can provide a non-invasive comfort measure, helping to relieve pain from contractions and reduce anxiety during labour. The use of Reiki treatment may help reduce or eliminate the need for an epidural or other pharmaceutical pain relief.

The birth partner can also be a Reiki channel and has the very specific role during labour, delivery and post-birth of the mother and the baby, creating that space of peaceful, deep relaxation that assists the mother in flowing with her body and the baby throughout labour. It can be tremendously gratifying for the spouse or partner to be able to provide an additional source of loving and cantered support, creating a deep shared connection between the couple.

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