Putting Minimalism in Practice



In today’s world, the one true disease we suffer from is the disease of ‘overexposure’. ‘Overindulgence’ is the new normal because it’s convenient for the privileged.

Covid-19 reminds us that ‘balance is key’. We must take accountability for our vices such as gluttony and greed. Remind yourself not to waste precious natural resources because they are scarce. Care for Mother Nature and she will care for you. This epidemic has taught us that health cannot be bought and that the best life led is one where you stay humble and grounded.

To live a ‘balanced life’, the first priority is to practice ‘minimalism’. Think of it as living life out of a suitcase. Here’s what you need to remember:

·       You do not need more than the basic clothing essentials. Remember, less is more.
·       While taking a shower, wash the used clothes, towels, hankies, etc. and dry them immediately for reuse.
·       Wash bedsheets once in 15 days (use the heavier gadgets such as washing machines sparingly)

Here are some healthy, budget-friendly comfort meal ideas:

– The classic dal-chawal
– Khichdi or pongal
– Roti-sabzi
– 1 pot meals
– Buttermilk and lassis
– Milk and cereal
– Dry fruit parfait
– Homemade pickles

For nutritional details please check this link http://beyondillusion.in/meals-to-heal/

Remember to use basic cookware. Wash utensils immediately after your meals. Ensure everyone washes their own plates and glasses to avoid hiring people to do it for you. Make sure to discard non-reusable plastic from the kitchen.

Staying in balance is a combination of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being! So practice these habits regularly:

– Yoga
– Breathwork
– Meditation
– Prayer

Self-introspection is very important – watch your mood swings, they will tell you how rigid/flexible you are. Practice Maun-vrat (else your mind will make you say things that you never wanted to say). Learn to train your vices: frustration, anger, irritation, and over-sensitivity!
Now that work-from-home and the lockdown are in full force, spend some quality time with your loved ones. Check-in on the elderly at home and in the neighbourhood.

Here are some other activities that you may pursue:

– Learning an online course (beyond illusion has some great ones you can explore)
– Challenging yourself every day with a puzzle or quiz
– Gardening
– Sewing/knitting
– Quality time with your little furry friends
– Singing/ listening to music
– Dancing (There are ate many fun tutorials on YouTube)
– Calligraphy
– Boardgame game nights with the family

The key is to learn to live a fulfilled life!

Love and light 💫


  • Atul March 26, 2020 12:23 pm

    Skipping rope is also a good timepass!

    • Beyond Illusion April 7, 2020 6:06 am

      oh yes!

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