Meeting Reiki Master Usui

Japan, known as the land of the rising sun, is an underrated country. A country known as much for its unique culture & martial arts, as for its food and as much for its innovative culture, breeding mega corporations such as Sony & Toyota to name just a few.

Yet its little known for its contribution to spiritual sciences, the only well-known figure being Master Usui, popularly known as the father of Reiki. This is a travelogue account of my visit to his memorial in Japan, a personal journey that is at the core of Beyond Illusion.

GETTING THERE: Let’s begin with the address of the crematorium. My suggestion is to carry a printout of the address, along with the TOKYO MRT, both of which are posted below:


Since Nishi Shinjuku is one of the most popular places in Japan, I have given the directions from here.

      • Walk up to the closest MRT (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line in Suginami)
      • Enter the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building subway. Its known as Nakanosakaue Station subway.
      • Enter the subway, pay up and look for the red line. The red line’s final stop would be Ogikubo (M01)
      • Nishi Shinjuku (M07) and Shin-Koenji is M03. Get down at Shin Koenji.
      • As soon as you walk up to the main rd. from the Shin Koenji station. Take a right.
      • On the right-hand side is a small mall. Please pick flowers for the offering here.
      • Walk up towards the Road junction and take a right there.
      • After 20 steps you can look for the store ‘Milly Molly Mandy” that’s the lane we need to take
      • Walk all the way down this road to find the road take a right curve. The Gate on the right side is the crematorium
      • From the gate you will see a big Japanese building (office)
      • Enter the crematorium and you see a big bell on the right-hand side. 10 steps ahead will be the goddess statue on the right side
      • Cross the goddess statue and take the right next to it… to enter the main crematorium area
      • Take the first left and then second right. Look for the red icon
      • The 11th burial on the left side is (with the largest stone (about 10 ft tall) is master Usui’s Memorial
      • Dr Usui’s whole history is written on the stone … in japanese

        I surrendered Beyond illusion to Master Usui. It is Reiki that guided me through this healing journey… where I have touched many lives thru Courses or healing.

        The land of the rising sun has shown Beyond Illusion the path to rise beyond its horizon…. will you join me on the journey? I am just a tool and Beyond Illusion’s vision to raise vibration and create energy shifts is possible only because of Reiki’s guidance and support. And I am ever indebted to it.

        Other Notes:
        It’s the best time to visit japan during the cherry blossom. The air has a vibrancy to it like nothing else, and it’s a feast for the eyes too. Few snapshots of the amazing weather below:

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