Meditation to Overcome Grief

The loss of something perceived important to you, leads to ‘grief’. It could be loss of a job, a relationship, a loved one, a friendship, a personal dream – whatever creates a sense of void deep inside. Most of us can’t handle the situation as we don’t acknowledge the presence of ‘grief’, however suffer from it.

Whenever you don’t acknowledge grief, sadness or anxiety, your heart is filled with heaviness and it follows you like a shadow. You can gradually overcome grief by acknowledging it’s presence and learning to letting it go or releasing it. The more you ignore the presence of grief, it keeps recycling.

Many of you have been curious to know how to overcome or manage grief. It’s the Tonglen meditation of Zen philosophy that helps me to manage grief. Let me share the steps to practice this meditation to release grief.

– Close your eyes. Imagine yourself to be a tree or mountain

– Breathe in to your suffering, touchbase with the feeling, the pain

– As you breathe in, you also ignite the fire in your belly, when you visualize the burning of your suffering

– Breathe out the smoke or ashes of grief

Do this for 15-20mins every day. You may start seeing the results in the form of ‘sparks or happiness’ within a couple of weeks, based on the depth of sadness. ‘Feel the feeling’ before you release it.

Love and Light

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