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Structuring your day like a Monk!

As a pre-teen I found myself all over the place! Though my intention was to make this world a better place, but by the end of the day, I felt I hadn’t achieved anything much. Either I was multi-tasking or not moving a finger as my mind was too busy analyzing stuff.

I enjoyed doing things for others, ‘helping people’ made me feel worthwhile and purposeful but by evening I was exhausted and cranky.

During a summer vacation while heading to Coorg with family, we dropped by at ‘The Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery’, the largest teaching center for Tibetan Buddhism in the world. Here I noticed young Buddhist monks doing art work or craft work with such calmness on their face. I really wanted to feel that way. Post meditation, I got along talking to one of the monks and that’s where I learnt the way of simplistic life and inner peace.

“If anything is worth doing, do it with your heart”, said the young monk. And that has become my motto of life!

Over the years there are a few things that I incorporated into my daily routine to balance my life. Sharing a broad perspective of the same.

There are 2 aspects to a day : Divide your day between structured and non structured activity so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

  • Structured time : This is the ‘doing time’, where you follow a routine
  • Unstructured time : This is the ‘being time’. Don’t do anything. It’s OK to sit calmly. Introspect. Day-dream or do anything you desire or not do anything as well! No one will guilt-trip you or make you feel miserable, not even self

Structured time is a no-brainer. I have put up a timetable on my fridge and I follow it. (Check this LINK for the Holistic timetable)

Note to Self :

  1. The more you live in the moment, pause and enjoy the details, the more enriched your life will feel.
  2. Simple routine with extra dose of  awareness and love.
  3. Focus on breath between activities.
  4. Use your 5 senses to feel the activity.
  5. Nourish you body as well as your mind to stay in balance.

Quick update on Mindful Living:

Make up in the morning with deep gratitude! Don’t do anything, just feel the presence of life around you. At-least 10 minutes of gratitude for being alive. Notice your breath, heartbeat and pulse.

Every activity that you do should be respected . No multi-tasking, go with the flow through the day. Even if you are having your tea, be mindful – enjoy the flavour, taste, feel the warm liquid touching your lips – do you feel it go down your throat and at what point does it emerge with the throat!

Cooking is an activity of grace. Crunchiness of the vegetables while you chop. Enjoy the presence of family and the chatter in the background (if any). Family means you are well loved.

Gardening is to nurture the plant as if it’s your own, an extension of you. The seeds that you sow take time to germinate. Watering the plants with love and attention.

Working out every-day could be through different means like dance, taichi , yoga or any activity you like. This helps releasing pent-up emotions and stressors, sweat it out.

Focus on emotions that need to be nourished: 

Compassion, peace, love, joy. If grief or sorrow visit you. Be aware of them and sail through it without giving over-importance. Be true to every emotion – remember good or bad is just a perception .

Live a fulfilled life!

Love and Light


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