How to identify self created energy leaks and plug them.

We always think that other people drain us, Have you ever thought that we can also drain ourselves?

Lets look within ourselves and find out how…

Many times, when you go through a Yoga or Meditation retreat, you get charged up and feel like having total control over your actions and surroundings. You feel full of ‘energy’.
But most often than not, the energy depletes gradually and soon you feel like being
back to normal old state. This phenomenon is known as ‘energy leaks’.

Is there a way to address energy leaks?

How do you identify an energy leak?

Can you ‘plug’ the leaks through sustained practice to balance the energy?

Typical symptoms where your energy could be leaking is through:

1) Overworking mind:
Inconsistent/ continuous chatter keeps creating the same loops which are like replays.
They are completely unproductive and create lower vibratory emotions like depression
and anxiety which are considered as major energy leaks. Multitasking many times leads to none of the executions.

2) Overworking body: 
Non-balanced food, dehydration or excessive drinking of water, sleep deprivation or
oversleeping, lethargy due to sedentary lifestyle or over exercising and challenging
yourself physically, not enough oxygen intake, any extremities may lead to energy leaks.

3) Financial stress:
Worry about finances whereas not taking step towards changing the dynamics of the
environment, old-age maintenance worries, milestone expenses worries. Vulnerability is a strength,

4) Emotional stress:
Relationship/ affiliation drains -Learn to state what you want and set boundaries. Dont use guilt
consciousness .It is a fear based emotion.
Not clear about the relationships status and circumstances
Expectations from the others in relationship to be perfect. Practice compassion

5) Time and space stress:
Not living in present. Remembering good times from the past and trying to imagine
whether the future will be equally good. Remembering bad times from the past and
regretting what could have been better.
Constantly living in fear or anxiety of the unknown.
I am not God’s favourite child – Victim Mode
Fixed or being opinionated about things occurring around you could lead to energy leak .

6) Self-image / Ambiguity stress:
In this “selfie world” , Feeling a sense of ‘perfection’ limits the options of growth. Also, there’s a constant anxiety about the actions, opinions, behavior in every situation and every group. It
creates a tremendous societal pressure and major source of energy leak.
‘gossip’ is a major leak.
Free floating anxiety – where you can’t pinpoint what the stressor is Inability to determine the authenticity, necessity, timing and way of expression – lead to this energy leak

Make a checklist of energy leaks and plug them through:

– Get rid of ‘oh so busy’ attitude without being productive.

– Create a Work life Balance – take breaks, spend time with family, friends or ‘Me’ time.

– Disconnect the comparison of past experiences and create high expectations. Learn to live in the

– Take continuous stock of life and work projects – Revamp if need be. Remember we are always evolving.

– Focus on goal and path, don’t waste time in overreaction

 Plan your financial milestones, stay contended, money is required but not
everything in life

– Accept that you can’t be right all the time, evaluate all opinions in the merit of the
situation, not only on past experience.

– Accept your natural presence, don’t get into blame game – Stay humble 

– Communicate clearly and set expectations in a relationship. Create a balance or come out of a
relationship consciously if it’s not working or it’s beyond it’s acceptable duration

– Don’t indulge in gossip. Speak truth, kindly, at the right time and only if it’s necessary

– Self resiliance to grow in life – Accept the fact that nobody on this earth is ‘perfect’. Instead of finding flaws in others/self, bank on your strengths to sail through.

Love and Light

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