Extraordinary Leadership in Extraordinary Times: Work From Home Edition


In 2020, it has been more than apparent that the recent COVID pandemic has proven to be a trying time for conglomerates world over. With the onset of a global crisis, panic-stricken economies necessitate social-distancing measures, and companies are nudged into enforcing the infamous remote working policy. The main challenge- how do these organisations ensure maximum efficiency from employees working in their pyjamas? This article not only presents an answer but also offers tips on how to manage a workforce away from the workplace.

Breakfast in Bed

Waking up to breakfast in bed is one of the little joys of an otherwise mundane workday. Keep this mind when you dish out the first e-mail of the day to your employees. Serve up your personnel with an e-mail they would love to wake up to. Perhaps you’re notifying them of a relaxed deadline or simply asking them how they are doing. Any gesture that puts a smile on their face should get them fired up to power through the day.

Achilles Heel

While employees may be notified in advance of an upcoming work-from-home situation, in times of a crisis, this level of preparation may not be enough. Give your employees greater leeway to adjust to change. Homes are not entirely conducive for employees to be at their productive best. During an abrupt shift to remote work, the employee may deal with many unforeseen difficulties. Although absence from work cannot be excused, hold onto the penalties until you’ve hit a wall with the employee.

Breathing Space

Remote work unquestionably causes the work-life-balance machine to malfunction. Keep in mind that while your employee is at home, he or she may be actively juggling their work and home life responsibilities. Structure meetings to be succinct and effective. Give your employees breathing space by avoiding unending and unpredictable one-on-one calls. Furthermore, opt to measure their quality of work rather than the hours they spend doing it.

A Problem Shared is a Problem halved

Lack of consistent human contact may hamper the productivity of people-oriented workers. Create a safe space for employees to communicate their anxieties and fears. An untimely separation from co-workers can cause an extroverted employee to suffer from loneliness and as a consequence, feel a sense of detachment from the organisation. A quick fix to this problem is scheduling a video conference that boosts morale and makes collaboration possible.

Even in normal circumstances, home demands can intrude on remote work. In the wake of an pandemic, managers should expect these challenges to be greater. Fortunately, by carefully preparing and planning a guide for their employees, organisations can enhance the productivity and commitment of employees, even in a short period.

Love and Light

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