Difference between a healer and the physician or allopathy doctor

Why should we know the difference between the two while the end result is the same? As its our body, we should be the ones makin a choice for the type of healing too.

Allopathy give symptomatic treatments, Treatment based on understanding of a symptom, in that sense they eradicate the symptom from the system, Eg if a patient has fever, they will give a medication for fever like Calpol / Tylenol.
Whereas an accomplished Healer is one who works with Holistic healing, Healing not just of the physical symptom but also of the mind and spirit. In that sense a Healer works with Completeness of the human where we recognize that a human consists of Body ( physical form) Mind ( Mental/Emotional) and Spirit ( Spiritual) Healing.
The End result of both the Treatments (Allopathic and Alternative) are the same (eradication of Fever) but the means differ.

As Allopathy controls the symptoms you may visually notice it works faster, Whereas Alternative medicine works on the causal which will take a longer durationto be visually noticeable. On the flipside Allopathy may have a relapse (suppresses the immune system ) but Alternative Medication there I no chance of relapse unless the patient himself wants.
In a nutshell :
Allopathy – Cures symptoms – suppresses immunity – chances of relapse – Noticed faster Alternative Therapy – Cures Holistic ( Body, Mind, Spirit) – Boosts immunity – No chance of relapse – Visually noticeable is slightly delayed comparatively but Permanent cure Our job as Healers is to make every client aware of the pros and cons so that they can take an informed decision.
Healing in that sense is in your hands.

Love and Light

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