Can your Karma change?

Can bad karma be erased and can good karma be earned?

Today, we answer one of the most frequently asked questions- Can my karma
change? ♻

First, let’s understand the meaning of the word karma. ‘Karma’ means action or the
law of action and its effects. Think of it as a constant cycle of cause and effect. 🚲
Every action (input) and reaction (output) from each of our lifetimes is said to have
been stored in our souls- which functions as an accountant. Your actions are
continuously ‘audited’ by a higher source. 📋

To keep this karmic account ‘balanced’, your (re)actions need to reflect a state of
mind that is in balance. ⚖
Karma is too broad and complex to be categorized as good or bad. Good and bad are
perspectives. What is good for you could be bad for someone else. Perceptions are
created by the mind. Good karma is any action that accelerates your spiritual growth
while bad karma stunts it. 📈

Everything in life is multifactorial. However, we can acknowledge that there is a
certain degree of indebtedness on our spiritual journey. Remember these simple
• As you sow, so shall you reap.
• Karma is a law, not a choice.
• No action is ever wasted.
To know more about practical ways to balance karmic debts, get in touch with us
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