Can Music Heal?

While working at palliative care, I would often look for various means to alleviate the intense pain that patients would experience. One day, I decided to dive into the internet to explore all the methods and techniques available.

A few hours into my research, I found that music (as a form of sound therapy) has been proven to relieve pain and trauma. I was convinced that soothing music would prove to be very useful in that scenario.
After examining a few sessions of music therapy, I understood that music is more than just entertainment. In patients experiencing dementia, music regulated brain waves and reproduced memories of good times. Undeniably, the patient felt more safe and relaxed.

As a matter of fact, listening to music is beneficial to both children and adults. Undoubtedly, music can help you feel better and change your mood.

Whether you’re listening to music to calm your nerves before an important exam or trying to weather an anxiety episode, music is one of the best ways to process your emotions.
Throughout our lives, we experience bouts of anger and distress. A quick jam session will help you release any pent-up frustration.
In fact, sound therapy is a safe, drug-free solution for those suffering from depression and other mental illnesses.

So, if you’re wondering if music can heal, the answer is definitely yes!


picture credits: @/TheMediaStyle

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