Addressing money matters and Spirituality

Like any other energy exchange,currency is also a form of energy exchange .

Like barter system – where raw vegetable were bartered with grains and the vegetable vendor cooked food to nourish his body through the grains that were exchanged Just like that society uses currecy to facilitate a process.

There are many healers/ gurus who are blessed with monetery abundance,

Does that mean that they are not real guru’s?

If the currency is used as an energy exchange then everything is / should be in balance. Like
ying/ yang,
shiv/ shakti,
give/ take

When guru’s / healers earn more -they are aware of the balance and they use this currency to facilitate / balance duality of the society. Social work/ seva helps balance the karmic give/take norms. This inflow and ourflow of energy creates further abundance and that in turn is further channelized towards improvement of the society,

​They have realised that currency/money just a tool to facilitate things.

Love ans Light

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