Venus Retrograde

Astrologically speaking, Venus rules over your love and material life. Grace, charm, beauty, romance (and even money) are governed by this planet. So, when a planet such as Venus retrogrades, all of these areas of our lives get a little skewed. A Venus retrograde, therefore, is assumed to turn some of our lives upside down. The planet of love and romance has begun its backspin on the 13th of May, 2020.

Read on to find out how a Venus retrograde affects your relationships- romantic or otherwise.

A retrograde happens when a planet “appears” to be spinning backwards in its orbit. This Venus retrograde is said to last until the 25th of June, 2020. Retrogrades have significant meaning in the world of astrology. Understanding what exactly happens during a retrograde is crucial to emerging unscathed from these dreaded cosmic events. In astrology, the effects of planetary transits are more tangible. Retrogrades are also connected with karmic events and cycles. The universe “shifts” some of the pre-existing worldly arrangements. Naturally, your spiritual guides will ask you to pause and rewind, just as the planet does.

Of course, the effect of a Venus retrograde is most felt in matters of the heart. Venus may affect your emotional stability because you may suddenly become aware of things happening beneath the surface. You may experience miscommunication with loved ones, a not-so-fun third party situation, confusion over your connections, and if worst comes to worst, a separation. You will start to notice that your love life weighs down heavier than usual. On the whole, a retrograde is a brutal period for everyone.

However, retrogrades aren’t a period of mourning. And no, this is not a good time to blame your struggles on astrology but a time to work on yourself. Now is the time to pause and then decide on matters of love and money. Before charging ahead and advancing, deal with unresolved issues, unresolved conflicts, or things you may have swept under the rug. Do not gloss over any red flags and have honest conversations with people who are important to you. Learn to go within.

Since this planet affects crucial aspects of our lives, there’s no escaping the effects of a retrograde. Instead, (peacefully) confront the stressors that haunt you. That way, you can conquer any struggle and come out looking and feeling better than ever.

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