PART3: Reiki Healing in Pregnancy

(continued from Part2)

​Reiki post-partum
Reiki treatment is also helpful for post-partum recovery.

Women’s bodies undergo tremendous change to support the new life growing inside them; it takes a while for the body’s organs and processes to return to a normal non-pregnancy state. Healing is still occurring inside a mother’s body after her baby is born, even after an easy or uncomplicated birth. Reiki treatment can help new mothers maintain well-being and emotional balance during those first weeks of adjustment. This is especially important for the percentage of women who may experience post-partum depression. Reiki is also recommended post-natal to relieve any emotional blockages and help you deal with baby blues and negative thoughts.

For those women who had a difficult labour, or a caesarean birth, Reiki treatment can help facilitate healing on physical and emotional levels. Clinical studies of Reiki treatment are demonstrating benefits for reducing anxiety and pain levels. Women recovering from surgery or birth trauma can benefit from this additional source of compassionate, palliative support.

The medications used to relieve post-surgical pain often have unpleasant side effects, and the discomfort from the incision can make it difficult for women to hold or breastfeed their babies. Reiki treatment supports the physical healing process, enabling women to get back on their feet sooner and also be very effective after the birth in helping to restore balance to the entire mind-body-spirit system, as well as providing some much-needed serenity during this exciting and transformational time. Babies also respond well to Reiki treatments. Reiki can help babies sleep better and assist with reflux, colic and teething.

Reiki is a healing and balancing energy that is a wonderful support for both mother and baby. It is completely safe and poses no risk to either.

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