Reiki is healing energy that can permeate anything, starting from purifying water so that it nourishes the body; to enhancing the nutritional content of the food making it easier for the body to digest it or healing animals in distress from a distance.

​Animals have seven major chakras on their body similar to that of a human being. Unlike human beings, animals respond rather quickly to Reiki, due to their inability to think and perceive the way most human beings do with logic and questioning. Animals are non-judgmental and accept healing much like the way plants do.

Since animals do not come with judgments, prejudices or perceptions, they tend to accept the healing energy more readily and for them, it’s as simple as survival. There have been cases where animals have healed in just a day’s time, no matter how traumatic their experiences have been. This stream of healing animals through Reiki is known as Animal Reiki.

Similar to the concept of mainstream Reiki, chakras in animals have auras, which can be seen by practitioners to narrow down on the problem. Animals are very conscious about their space as that is what gives them a sense of privacy and security, so a practitioner can send healing energy from a distance without touching the animal. Healing balances the “Chi”, “Manas” or “Prana” of the animal so that animal can heal from the trauma and have a fast recovery.

Under what circumstances can animals are healed through Reiki?
Reiki can help subdue panic and pain in cases like injuries, fractures or pain related to aging (where the animal has to pass over to a better world).

What do I do when I see an Animal in distress?
As a healer, I discern and respect an animal’s private space. I wouldn’t touch or hug an animal in distress. Since I can work on healing through a distance, I do so while respecting an animal’s sense of space and security. Animals cannot speak but they too like human beings, experience emotions like pain, fear, anger, anxiety, etc. The main aim is to balance the “Chi” so that it calms the animal in distress. In my experience, I have noticed that most animals fall asleep when they receive healing.

How do I approach a healer?
Once you call up a healer, she/he works from a distance to get the acknowledgment and acceptance of the animal’s higher self and sends out
healing energy to the animal. You should be able to see the difference within five minutes of reporting the emergency. Reiki is an excellent First Aid Kit when you have an animal in distress.

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