The world is made up of beings / souls with different vibrations and energies. In our various journeys through life, we come across other souls, and there is an exchange of energies leading to a plethora of experiences, some life changing and some not so great.

At times, certain events can leave us emotionally and physically drained; at other times, we face roadblocks in our intellectual and spiritual pursuits…we feel that we’ve reached a dead end…we feel stuck…

Is there a way out?

We, at Beyond Illusion, believe that through our various powerful soul nourishing practices such as Reiki healing, meditation, tarot card reading, dowsing, and soul tribe, we can together create a path that will put you back on the rails and help you forge ahead in your endeavours!

Soul keepers / Soul investors, we invite you to come together and synergise to increase your vibrations and make your lives more meaningful and help make our planet a better place to live in for us and our future generations! Let’s embark on this wonderful journey now…

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